Message from the Sapara people

Our elders have told us that oil has life, and that life is what sustains the Earth, it is a spirit of life. If we remove the oil, we not only kill the Sapara people and destroy the rainforest, but all life that inhabits the world. Site oil regulates the energy of the Earth. If there is no oil, it is empty and the Earth can’t stay without spirit and without spirit everything will die. The animals notice this and break the evolutionary cycle, before if an animal died it returned as an animal and everything was restored, there was no loss, now the animal returns as a plant and that changes us and harms us because the cycle is broken.
The rainforests are groups of beings just like groups of humans, just like you or me. A tree is a tree in the material world, but in the spiritual world it is a person. That is why we want our vision, our dreams, this way of relating to the rainforest, to see the world, to be preserved. We as matter can die, but our culture and knowledge of the rainforest must not.
We believe in dreaming. The good and the bad comes from there. Dreaming represents the symbolic-spiritual-natural world and its interpretation guides our life and organizes the future of the community, gives us knowledge, and from there we learn.
Nature is the key to the heart, that is why we are going to defend it, because the defense is for the whole world, not only for us. Black gold is not from the government but from us, and that stays underground because we want to protect the vision for the little ones. We must not forget the vision, the culture, the dreaming, since that is what we left to the children. That is why to all worlds, people must unite to defend their territory. And I say to all the presidents that there are no companies that own this territory.
We will not allow any company into the remaining Amazon territory. The government is political, it does not govern this territory the people do! We do everything on our own: food, chakra, chicha and we do not ask the government for anything. Why does he ask for our territory? We will not allow exploitation because Piatsaw (god) will die, we communicate with Piatsaw and the spirits through dreaming. With my head and my heart no government can deceive me.
Pro-petroleum indigenous who are not of Sapara nationality but live in our territory threaten to kill us. Correa brought illegal Peruvian and Colombian loggers here to scare us, but we are not afraid, despite everything we are stronger. We will let the world know what is happening and about this cause of the entire Sapara nation: about the fight to defend our territory, wisdom and freedom.
Indigenous people in the jungle take care of and live in harmony with the rainforest.
Governments exploited indigenous people for money? Governments were able to manipulate us because of language. Our ancestors did not speak Spanish so the government abused their kindness and trust.
Governments come, take the oil and leave, abandoning us and nature. NGOs have also exploited the situation. People like the oil, they come to do their projects and then leave and forget about us. They do not help after they finish their work. Governments also deceive us with ideas about health care and education, but instead they exploit and leave everything contaminated. Indigenous are rich and the government has come to rob us. This is why we will scream until we die: Nature is not on sale!!
We live in a single family, we organize ourselves and we all help in the chakra, fishing, hunting, making chicha, cooking, taking care of the children, cleaning. Each family has a spiritual leader, Shimanu. Now we try to understand the community concept and live according to our ancestral vision.
We never knew oil extraction and we will never accept it. We want a green rainforest, free, without divines or pollution, where children can be healthy as our ancestors, dream, live and play without fear. A rainforest where we can take a bath in the river and feed from what the land gives to us. A rainforest where not only the human being lives but also the other living spirits and species in this territory. This message seeks to awaken you…