The Origin of Sapara people

Sapara means people from the rainforest and they come from a magical transformation that happened to the red howling monkey. The elders told us that Piatsaw (god) created the world, air, clouds, water, earth, mountains, plants, trees and animals.
After some time, a male red howling monkey came down from a tree to take water from the Conambo river and suddenly it became a man, then a female red howling monkey also went to take water from the same river and became a woman. They had a son, Tsitsanu, who on a walk through the jungle and after several adventures married the daughter of a family of Shimanus (shamans) giving birth to the Sapara people.
Because of colonialism, evangelization, war and neoliberal politics, Sapara people, culture and territory are on the verge of disappearing, there are only 400 Sapara people alive in Ecuador and only 3 elders over 80 years speak their language.