Ripanu the brave men

Long ago there was a man named Ripanu, he was a brave man, he had his weapons made of stone, spear and bodoquera, with his living spirits he inhabited the Sapara territory. Ripanu killed tigers that attacked his tribe. The tribe always called Ripanu when there was a dangerous tiger close to the village. He would come and defeat the tiger and that is why he had many tiger teeth to make necklaces.
One day his brother was hunting with his dogs, when they were attacked by a great tiger. The greatest of all. The tiger killed the dogs and wanted to kill the brother but luckily someone heard the screams and called Ripanu. He ran to help his brother but the brother did not want Ripanu to approach the immense and dangerous animal. Ripanu had the spirit of a brave man and the tiger became calm so Ripanu was able to cut the tiger’s neck. His brother thanked him for saving his life.
Every time he killed a tiger he always took the teeth to make necklaces and he saved many tribes people from dangerous animals.